V0.1.0 Patch notes

What's new?


  • Added brand new Multiplayer Service

  • You can now play on LAN, Online, or even Offline

    • LAN: Play with people on your own home network

    • Online: Play with other people nearest to your matchmaking region

    • Offline: Play against bots and practice your skills

  • Soon will be able to create private matches

Login Service

  • Now required to login with existing account, or create your own account when you first open the game

  • Login service DOES NOT currently transfer your username in game. You MUST set your username in the settings window on the Intro scene.

  • Will not need to login again until you exit and restart the game.

Game Modes

  • New Team Deathmatch Game mode

  • Play in teams of 4 with up to 8 players in a match at a time

  • Goal is to be the first to reach 30 kills/points

  • Can be played offline with bots!


  • New Shield power-up

    • Grants 3 shield points when picked up, (bringing total health to 13)

    • Shield is depleted before health. (Your shield health is the blue ring around your tank)

    • Shield can only be repaired by shield power-up, health packs will NOT restore shield

  • New Health Pack

    • Grants 5 additional health points when picked up,

    • DOES NOT stack, EX: If you have 8 health you will only get 2 points because the max health is 10.

    • DOES NOT APPLY when shield is applied

  • Normal Bullet

    • Speed 18

    • Damage 3

    • Despawn delay of 1 second

  • Ricochet Bullet

    • Same Damage and Speed as normal bullet

    • Can bounce on any surface 2 times

    • Explodes after hitting surface and out of bounces or after 3 second despawn delay

  • Power Bullet

    • Same Speed as normal bullet

    • Damage of bullet increased by 2, 3>5

Developer Comments:

*We do plan to have balance changes to most of these power-ups and modes in the future. But for now we will observe how they perform and make changes from there.