V0.2.0 Patch notes

What's New?

Experimental Game Mode

The Experimental game mode is the newest addition to the default playlist of Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. The Experimental game mode is a mode where we will add the latest test features and items, as well as a place to test new balance changes before they make it to public servers.

Here's a rundown of how this game mode will work:

  • Base game is Team Deathmatch with some adjusted settings for testing

  • Score needed to win has been increased, 30 ➡ 50

  • Respawn time decreased, 8 ➡ 3 seconds


Default Bullet

  • Speed decreased, 18 ➡ 15

Bug Fixes + Improvements


  • Fixed the dust trail effect on the Power Bullet

  • Added sparkles to show item rarities

    • White: Common

    • Orange: Uncommon

    • Blue: Rare

    • Purple: Epic

    • Gold: Legendary

    • Rainbow: Mythical

  • Overhauled graphics from linear to gamma

  • Fixed materials not showing properly for some newer items