Better in Every Way.

Introducing the hellhound games partner program

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Better in Every Way.

key features

Universal Store

You can access each game's store within The Nexus Launcher through the dedicated Store Page. And with the power of Xsolla, any purchases made in the Nexus Store are universal and will be shown in game and across multiple devices.

One login, all the fun

Using the Xsolla Login Service, we can provide fast, reliable, secure, and free login for all of our customers. With just one account, you can access and login to all Hellhound Games Titles. And possibly the best part, it can be used from device to device and is all stored safe and securely in the cloud.

World class anti fraud and payment services, keeping your payment information safe

Online Pay Station paired with World Class Anti Fraud is a match made in security heaven. All payment processes are safe and secure. Using Xsolla Payment Services, we can ensure a safe and secure experience for all of our customers world-wide.

partner network, for all content creators

By utilizing Xsolla's vast database of Titles, Content Creators, and Programs we can create a massive network for the most influential people in our communities, The Content Creators. The Partner Network lets Content Creators take advantage of Shared Revenues, Key Giveaways, and Direct Hellhound Games to Content Creator relationships.

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Windows 10 - x64