Public Testing Server

interested in testing games before release? or even updates early

If any of these interest you then apply to become a Beta Tester

How do i join?

You can apply to become a Beta Tester by pressing the big purple Apply Now button at the bottom of this page. A member of the Hellhound Games Team will contact you via email if you're approved. You will then receive a game key to access the PTS on The Nexus Launcher.

what's the nexus?

The Nexus Launcher is our custom game launcher service and client. The Nexus lets our players Purchase/Download Games, Access The Store, Access The Public Testing Server, Redeem Game Keys, and Read The Latest Hellhound Games News. You can only download The Nexus for Windows 10 enabled devices, a MacOS version is planned for the near future.

what games can i play?

You can play any games that are in the Closed Beta Launch Phase. All games are FREE to play during the Closed Beta Phase. After Closed Beta, you must own the game in order to access the PTS.

do i get any rewards?

Of course you do! All PTS Members get exclusive rewards at the launch of each game you test. These rewards can vary from Exclusive Cosmetic Items, In-game Currencies, Discounts On Store Items, and Free Game Keys.