"At Hellhound Games your security is our #1 priority", that's so cliche. Security should just be expected now in this digital age. And it shouldn't be so complicated! Here, we do security better, safer, and easier for you. We even made this whole web page just to show you how simple and secure it really is.

encryption, SSL & TLS

Encryption is one the most used forms of security. It's safe, reliable, and protects your privacy while online. It really should just be standard protocol, but sadly, it isn't. We aren't like that though, we provide state of the art SSL encryption for and any subdomains like Don't believe us? Just click the lock in your browser and see the certificate for yourself.

Even our emails are secure! We use TLS and DKIM encryption and anti-spoof technologies domain-wide. This means your emails to Hellhound Games are safe and it's a lot harder for someone to pretend to be Hellhound Games via email.


Another security promise that honestly, isn't really a promise by most sites. While yes all sites collect and store your data when you visit and then some proceed to sell that information, we use it purely for marketing and analytics. And Hellhound Games promises to NEVER sell your data, and that's a promise we are committed to honoring. If you want to learn more about how your data is shared and what it's used for, you can read our Privacy Policy. Decide you no longer want us to hold on to your information? That's alright, just contact our Customer Support Team and we will handle it ASAP.

advanced payment processing

We know that if there is anything most valuable to someone, it's most likely your bank information. We go to great lengths to protect your banking information and transactions. By only partnering with verified, secure, companies we can ensure that your money is safe. We also don't use many different services for collecting purchases. For our games, it's our partner Xsolla that handles all of that for us from when you buy the game to purchasing an in-game item, you only interact with 1 payment service, Xsolla.

And for those of you that love merchandise(specifically ours). We use Teespring as our "one stop shop" for all Hellhound Games Merchandise. They also are very strict about customer privacy and secure payments. So rest assured, your information is safe with them too(we checked).

customer information

Not only do we guarantee all those sweet security features above, we also make sure that your personal information is safe too. When you contact our Customer Support Team you are entrusting them with a lot of private information such as Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Names, Addresses, etc. That is why we have trained our customer support staff members on how to properly handle this information. From things like never sharing customer names or contact information, to not even allowing customer support staff to access that information after the session has ended. We take extraordinary measures to make sure your private information stays private.

And that's the end, almost. While we do have way more security features and measures that work in the background for both our Employees and Customers, that is all the important things. We are also always evolving and utilizing the latest gaming technologies in our products, we can only get better from here.

Still Got Questions?

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